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PHIT Health Assistant

Receive a Personal Assistant

The average patient involved in an accident will see at least 16 different MSPs, some as often as 3 times, or more per week, every doctor’s staff, their lawyer, the lawyers’ paralegals and staff, receiving appointments from insurance companies, etc., allows for a lot of miscommunication. You add to all that confusion, the stress and pain the patient is experiencing and it results in case fatigue and abandonment of medical treatment.

To avoid this, PHIT Health takes the clerical work away from the patient.

receive medical help

Allowing you, the patient, to focus on treatment and getting well. This is accomplished by providing you with a personal assistant for the entire medical treatment at NO UPFRONT COST.

PHIT Health provides a unique health care experience that is unparalleled in the industry, where the patient’s experience is the number one priority.

Truly putting the patient’s medical necessity first.