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Find the doctors and medical service providers in the PHIT Health network that understand the importance of maintaining accurate, detailed records to ensure that your case doesn’t hit any technical snags along the way. You’ll also want to work with medical professionals that submit records in a timely fashion because time wasted in this business can cost you money.

Specialist that Stick to their Specialty

We have identified some of the top medical professionals in the healthcare industry and we are happy to help our clients find their way to these competent doctors. These specialists stick to their specialty, because a lawsuit is taking place and your remuneration is at risk. It is important that separate specialists take care of you, since the insurance companies will make sure every specialist evaluates your condition. Unless you know every specialty and their parameters, the professionals PHIT Health deals with will make sure you see the appropriate doctor.

The Right Medical Specialist

The medical field is as expansive and multifaceted as the intricacies of the human body. Doctor specialties exist for each of these fields of medicine to serve the needs of a particular realm of care. But where should a patient like yourself begin when finding the right medical specialty?

Scroll through to discover the expansive possibilities available when searching an appropriate medical treatment.

Spinal Fusion

spinal fusion1Spinal fusion is a medical procedure where two or more vertebrae are permanently connected, eliminating motion between them. It has a success rate between 70 to 90% depending on the condition.

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AcupunctureAcupuncture is a millenary technique that consists of the manipulation of needles and their insertion in specific points of the body, with the aim of treating, alleviating or curing an ailment and restoring the total well-being of a person.

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Spine Conditioning Program

Following a well-structured conditioning program will also help you return to sports and other recreational activities. 

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Post-Surgery Shoulder Exercises

Your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist may recommend that you exercise for 10 to 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day during your early recovery period. They may suggest some of the exercises included in this guide. They may also recommend additional exercises to help prevent stiffness in your elbow and hand.

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Hip Rehabilitation Exercises

Following a well-structured conditioning program will also help you return to sports and other recreational activities. This is a general conditioning program that provides a wide range of exercises.

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Consider these facts

The number of injury and accidental deaths that occur in the U.S. every year is so high that liability for damages will almost always be disputed, leading to lengthy and costly personal injury claims and lawsuits.