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the problem


In our experience, doctors’ offices call patients 2-3 times and stop reaching out. 

Law firms are either too small, not being able to afford the personnel to keep claimants on track; or too big, where they have high turnover and/or more cases than they can efficiently keep track of.

Often paralegals do not follow office protocols and lose medical reports in emails, instead of downloading these documents and putting them in your client files. These delays are unnecessary and only delay the client’s awards and your fee.

Time. Investing your most precious asset, time, and further investing money to properly train these paralegals only to lose them for $1.50/hr more at another firm. Then you are obligated to do it all again.

Then there is the patient experience. Oftentimes the patient is unclear between their Workers’ Compensation or third party lawyer; many times they do not even know either of their lawyer’s name. Even more often, the patient will divulge information to the IME doctor with the same confidence as their treating physicians. Because of lackluster service by the wrong paralegal, many cases have been abandoned by the patient, causing the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.