Experienced bilingual paralegals

the Solution


For all personal injury lawyers and law firms… the most bespoke experience your client will ever experience.

Experienced bilingual medical paralegals fluent in English and Spanish are assigned a minimal caseload to coordinate all medical and legal appointments for the patient from 8:00AM – 7:00PM Monday-Friday, 8:00AM – 2:00PM Saturday (EST).

We call from a dedicated line, only used to call clients from your firm, always reminding them your firm cares by providing exceptional service, always keeping your client happy. We alert you the moment a client is not pleased or has a query regarding their case.

Personalized attention from a dedicated medical paralegal to patiently communicate with his/her client, and discuss ALL medical reports in their native language, and meet their specific needs. Their dedicated personal assistant is available during office hours via direct phone number, text and/or email.

We provide the patient with a dedicated medical paralegal/personal assistant that is a liaison to the lawyer’s office to expedite case activity. This medical paralegal is a hub of information and reports to disseminate to all parties as needed (patient, doctor, lawyer, etc.).

Schedule and confirm ALL appointments with the client/patient, the day before, and the day of the appointment via calendar coordination, email, phone call and text for all appointments; including hearings, IMEs, lawyer meetings, etc.

We schedule diagnostics (MRIs, EMGs, etc.) and procedures as fast as the medical service providers request them, and COLLECT the reports as soon as they are available.

We coordinate with the personal injury lawyers and/or the doctor’s office to arrange transportation if necessary when applicable.

Follow up calls after every appointment to coordinate any doctor recommendations.

We coordinate with the patient’s durable medical equipment (DME) supplier to confirm their receipt of the doctor’s prescriptions / orders; we schedule the appointment for the fitting, when applicable; and we confirm the delivery of the DMEs.

We coordinate with the patient’s pharmacy their receipt of the doctor’s prescriptions; and follow up with confirmation of the delivery of these medications.

Expeditious patient cooperation in complying with doctor recommended procedures.

We prevent double prescribing of diagnostics, specialists and pharmaceuticals, etc; to avoid having claims being red flagged.

We make sure all medical service providers (MSPs) have the appropriate information (demographic, all medical records from other MSPs, diagnostics, EC-23s, etc.) to properly evaluate the patient.

We coordinate with the Workers’ Compensation (WC) lawyers, doctors and civil lawyers on all matters; keeping track of all WC approved body parts (Notice of Decisions) and monitoring those yet to be approved. We then coordinate with the law firms, and medical service providers to expedite approvals, funding, collecting and disseminating medical reports, etc.

We collect and deliver medical reports every month without the lawyer ever having to request them. This is beneficial to both Workers’ Compensation and personal injury lawyers on third party cases, and keeps both cases moving and strong for all clients/patients.


for all $1MM+ liability cases.

• $1,200/client for the 2nd year.

• $650/client for each additional year.

• For all $1MM+ cases and New York City cases.

$1,500/client flat fee for policies of $500,000 and over, and under $1,000,000


for all $100k/$300k+ liability cases.

• A one time fee until the case reaches a financial award.

For all $100k/$300k & $250k/$500k liability cases.


For all $25k/$50k+ liability cases.

•A one time fee until the case reaches a financial award.

For all $25k/$50k & $50k/$100k liability cases.

Truly putting the patient’s medical necessity first.